Our clients appreciate our Mobile Compactor/ Optimizer for their high density storage capability & floor utilization aptitude. We provide this compactor system with flexible control & manifold cabinets.

The color, design, pattern, size & dimensions of this system can be modified as per the space availability & client requirements. We offer this system at reasonable prices for our clients. Further, we assist clients while the installation process & guide them to maintain the storage system.

  • High quality
  • Strongly built
  • Reliable performance
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Length = 900 mm – 3600 mm Length
  • Height = Ranges from 1800 mm upto 10000 mm
  • Width = 600 mm (2′)/900 mm (3′)/1200 mm(4′) or any width as per customer specification
  • It is a Racking System, can be moved on Wheels which Permits Optimum Use of Space over a Conventional Storage in fixed shelving units.
  • It is an Innovative & Versatile Design, Having Sections of High Storage Capacity with a Variety of Storage Types.
  • System having Design Features Define the Stability, Rigidity, Flexibility, Safety and Ease of Assembly.
  • Saves Space & Create Additional Storage Capacity.
  • Direct Access to each & every Stored Level.
  • Are Easy to Operate and Can Store Different Types of Items.
  • Permit Effective use in Offices, Workshops & Warehouses.
  • Each can be Removed Without Relocating other Pallets.