This is a customised Storage Solution designed as per the customers needs & specifications In the given Sectional Panel Racks the shelves are divided into smaller sections inorder for them to carry Extra Heavy Duty Load sectional panel racks gives us the flexibilty to increase the width & depth of the racks along with accomodating heavy duty loading capacity We can upt to 1800mm in width x 1200mm in depth to carry 500-800 kgs/level .
With innovative engineering our engineers break the depth into smaller sectoins adding more strength to the rack making it capable to carry load from 50 kgs per/level to 800 kgs/ per level.
These racks can be customised to be closed from all 3 sides to get protected from dust & also there racks can be converted in to Pigeon hole racks by adding centre partitions in it. The flexibilty of the Slotted Angle & Shelving System allows us to Engineer & Design various component to give our customers a suitable and desired outcome of the required Racks .

Advantages Of Shelving Racks :

  • most commonly used
  • most flexible
  • We can  upt to 1800mm in width x 1200mm in depth to carry 500-800 kgs/level .
  • easy to move
  • easy to install & easy to maintain
  • economical cost
  • large number of sizes available
  • easily expandable system
  • protected from all 3 sides
  • easy to bifecate the products in different sizes , colours , shapes etc…